Why Ecotourism Has Become Very Popular?

Are you eco-tourist? Have you ever wondered why ecotourism is ever on increase? Ecotourism was originally introduced in the 1990s and it was embraced by most travelers on safari in Africa. It has howev¬er developed and today, there are several kinds of ecotourism sites in Uganda that visitors pay a visit while on African safari. It is estimated that ecotourism will contribute to over 25 percent of revenue in the world by 2020.

Like any sector, the tourism industry equally comes with both positive and negative effects and they shouldn’t be left out. Negatively, it impacts much on the spectacular landscape, wildlife, environmental pollution, and depletion of natural resources. However, several ways can be applied to promote sustainable tourism and reduce its effects. It entirely attracts visitors to nature endowed areas and bridges gaps between visitors and locals.

Ecotourism is aimed at enhancing income levels of locals in specific safari destinations and also develop the visitor sport with the support of locals. Local residents are employed in most tourism organizations as local guides and they earn income for survival by directing visitors to areas of significant interest. And Bwindi National Park in southwestern Uganda and Volcanoes National Park in northwestern Rwanda serves as the best example of ecotourism sites and several locals work in these parks in various fields.

Ecotourism is significant in fact that it helps in enhancing the images of tourism and identify criteria to aid visitors to have a positive effect on local communities. It makes the use of the benefits to local communities, reduces negative social or environmental impacts, and hence aids locals to preserve the fragile cultures and habitats. With ecotourism, visitors are rewarded with authentic experiences.

However, there is a need to give back to the local communities a fact that a few locals benefit or even don’t benefit from tourism as you may think. It is true tourists come but at times they come and leave an impact on their environment. Interestingly, we are a committed travel company that allows you to come to close interactions with local residents which later will enhance their livelihoods. However, there is a need to conserve the environment compared to the previous days a fact that tourism leaves a huge impact behind. If you are planning to have your next vacation in Uganda or any African destination, be mindful of environmental effects and book your safari with Tour Company that minds about conserving natural resources.

While on safari to any ecotourism site, be prepared to enjoy remarkable experiences right from wildlife to cultural activities. We are a responsible tour company in Uganda but we can arrange safaris to even Rwanda for mountain gorilla trekking adventures. Ecotourism is challenging to describe a fact that it isn’t a one kind safari but rather any kind of tourism which focuses on visiting untapped areas while offering you the opportunity to explore more and aid conservation of natural resources. Interestingly, most visitors even book accommodation facilities mostly eco-friendly resorts and while reserving a trip with us, we shall help book for you a better eco-lodge for your stay over at the park.

In conclusion, to promote ecotourism in Uganda and any destination, there is a need for all stakeholders including visitors to be mindful of daily activities that can cause a negative impact. Meaning, we shouldn’t over depend on only benefiting clients alone. Ecotourism attracts mainly those visitors who love eco-related sites to experience the untouched natural resources.

Kenya To Open Embassy In Dakar To Strengthen Links With Jamaica

If you have been finding it very challenging to connect from Kenya to Dakar or other way around, count your dreams achieved. Kenya will now have one of its first-ever embassy at Dakar in a move to boost its trade and tourism sector.

The agreement was reached during the G7 summit in Canada and the embassy will be effective within four months’ time. To Kenya, this is the greatest achievement for it to raise the level of transaction with francophone states. Senegal has been sighted as one of the most significant entry points which will expand trade terms of the African continental free trade area (AfCFTA) and this was after the bilateral actions were reached in Kigali which offers Kenya the opportunity to expand its trade frontiers and boost people to people relations. Over 120 French firms have already invested in Kenya and this number has doubled in the previous 3 years.

In order to solidify the link further, President Kenyatta is yet to pay a visit to Dakar. And interestingly, several key areas of cooperation were shared during the discussion that led into an agreement and this included exploring quick wins like codeshare for airlines with Kenya Airways which is about to kick start its direct flights from Nairobi to New York around October.

In order for one to link up to Kingston, Jamaica a person will need three hours from New York. Among other key aspects shared include exchange of athletics coaches a fact that Jamaican athletes are leading when it comes to short races and Kenya is good for long distance running. To enhance trade between the two states, Kenya will export its tea and coffee to Jamaica and in return import peanuts. Other areas include culture and entertainment as a way to boost the tourism sector between the two states.

The Magnificent Murchison Falls

Also referred to as the Kabalega Falls, Murchison Falls is probably the main reason why many tourists take tours to Murchison Falls National Park as the number one tourist destination in Uganda. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the World and is found between Lakes Albert and Kyoga on the White Nile River within Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

What makes the Murchison Falls beautiful is the fact that the Nile passes through many miles of rapids before forcing its way through the narrow gorge of only 7 meters (23 feet) wide in the rocks and falls at about 120 meters (400 feet) in a series of three cascades but the first fall of about 40 meters (130 feet) is the one known as Murchison Falls before finally flowing westwards to pour its waters into Lake Albert. Usually, the outlet of Lake Victoria forces over 300 cubic meters of water per second over the waterfalls through the gorge of fewer than 10 meters wide.

It is believed that Sir Samuel Baker and his wife Florence Baker were the first Europeans to find and explore the waterfalls and eventually named it “Murchison Falls after Sir Roderick Murchison, then President of the Royal Geographical Society and the waterfalls lent the name to the surrounding Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest and oldest Protected Area covering 3840 square kilometers and established in 1952 respectively and is undeniably the most spectacular National Park characterized by rolling savannah grasslands. The Murchison Falls lies on the lower Victoria Nile River within the north-western side of Uganda, about 32 kilometers (20 miles) east of Lake Albert.

However, during Idi Amin Dada’s regime, the fall was changed to Kabalega Falls (in the 1970s) after the once-powerful and warrior King of Bunyoro-Omukama Kabalega Chwa much as it was never legally recognized. The waterfalls later regained its original name after the overthrow of his Government but some people have still known the waterfalls by the Kabalega name. One thing that makes this waterfall very interesting and worth exploring is the fact that it is the site where Ernest Hemingway crashed a plane just downriver from Murchison Falls in 1954.

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the top tourist destinations in Uganda offering tourists with opportunities of spotting four of the big five animals (elephants, buffaloes, lions, and leopards), giraffes, warthogs, Uganda Kobs, elands, bushbucks, chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, oribis, topis, hippos, Nile crocodiles, waterbucks and baboons among others as well as bird species including the shoebill storks.

In addition to the Murchison Falls, tourists interested in exploring waterfalls during safaris can visit the Itanda, Ssezibwa, Karuma, Aruu, Sipi, Kisiizi, Sisiyi and Bujagali waterfalls among others. All these waterfalls are exceptionally beautiful and worth exploring hence the reason you have to add them in your itinerary when visiting the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.

Kibale Forest National Park Accommodations

Where To Stay Within Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest National Park is one of Africa’s top Research sites for primates especially Chimpanzees but is also one of the best destinations for Chimpanzee tours in Uganda. It is found within western Uganda and covers an area of 795 square kilometers, but is famous for sheltering over 70 species of mammals including 13 species of primates.

Kibale Forest National Park takes pride in its exquisite accommodation facilities that make tourists’ stay comfortable and memorable and they include the following budget, mid-range, and luxury facilities;

  • Primate Lodge

This is a luxury Safari Lodge found at the edge of Kibale Forest National Park, near the Kanyanchu Visitor Center. This facility is famous for being the only Lodge inside the National Park and undeniably near Kanyanchu Visitor Center, thus making it the best place to start the different forest exploration activities especially Chimpanzee tracking and the Habituation Experience that begin at 6 am.

This eco-friendly Lodge was constructed with local materials with accommodation offered in 7 forest cottages, 8 superior cottages, a Campsite and 1 treehouse with facilities such a restaurant that serves both local and international foods, a bar that is stocked with different kinds of drinks but also rewards guests with the views of the Forest. Free Wi-Fi is provided in public areas, a lounge area with soft and comfortable chairs are available for unwinding and several tourist activities (such as forest walks, chimpanzee tracking, and the Bigodi wetland and village walk) can be enjoyed by guests to Primate Lodge.

  • Crater Safari Lodge

This up-market Lodge is found at the border of the Park, on the fringe of Nyinabulitwa Crater Lake offering guests with the mind-blowing views of the Lake and the Forest. The Lodge features 9 sumptuous ensuite cottages that blend into the surrounding scenery with 7 of them inform of twin or double rooms while the two are large with 2 rooms each accommodating 4 people thus ideal for large groups or family travelers. Other facilities to expect here include a bar, restaurant, lounge, mobile spa facility, private deck overlooking the Lake, Craft shop, solar lighting, and 24-hour internet connection. Activities to expect while staying at the Lodge include the chimpanzee habituation Experience, chimpanzee tracking, visit Bigodi wetland Sanctuary and exploring the Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru Caves.

  • Ndali Lodge

This colonial Lodge is found within the Crater region of western Uganda and was constructed from local materials like local stone and grass-thatch and features about 8 en-suite cottages with private verandah, private bathroom, and a hand basin, and are suitable for family travelers.

There is also a thatched main Lodge that houses the reception area, vast sitting area, and dining area that is lit with candles and lamps at night much as the cottages have solar lights. Delicious foods are served by friendly waitresses and sometimes dinner is prepared from the selection of condiments and curries which you even fail to find in some of the top Hotels and Restaurants in East Africa. This stunning Lodge is undeniably one of the most wonderful bases for tracking chimpanzees of Kibale Forest National Park.

  • Chimps Nest Lodge

Chimps Nest is nestled within Nyabubale village between Nkingo and Bigodi, lasting about 15 minutes drive from the Kanyanchu Visitor Center where most activities in Kibale Forest National Park begin. The en-suite cottages here are to inform of self-contained budget rooms featuring private balconies and private outside bathrooms and family units with 2 bedrooms for twin beds and extra space for another bed, two bathrooms, and vast balcony overlooking the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and the tropical forest.

Other facilities include a lounge, restaurant, bar, parking space, water heating using firewood, solar electricity and a room telephone while the tourist activities to participate in include chimpanzee tracking, hiking at the slopes of Rwenzori Mountains, forest walks in Kibale Forest National park and walks through Bigodi wetland Sanctuary.

  • Isunga Lodge

Just like Primate Lodge, Isunga Safari Lodge is also found at the edge of Kibale Forest National Park and offers tourists with value for money due to the comfort and quality accommodation facilities in addition to the delicious foods you will be able to enjoy at the site.

This midrange Lodge is perched on an elevated position offering unsurpassed views of the Tropical rainforest as well as the awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks of the Mountains of the Moon (Rwenzori Mountains) until the Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park. There are 7 private en-suite cottages with flush toilets and hot showers scattered over the hillside, allowing guests to freely walk around the vast areas that have also become natural sites with numerous bird species. There is a spacious main Lodge area that houses the restaurant that serves delicious foods and stocked bar with an assortment of drinks, but guests can also access free Wi-Fi and recharging ports.

About 50 Volcanic Crater Lakes are found within the surrounding areas thus making this Lodge a perfect place for sightseeing and its location at the edge of the Kibale Forest National Park makes it an ideal place for tourists heading for adventures like hiking, forest walks, chimpanzee tracking, and the Habituation Experience and bird watching.

Besides the above, other lodges within and around Kibale Forest National Park will make your stay memorable and these include Kibale Forest camp, Papaya lake Lodge, Nyinabulitwa Country Resort, Mountains of the Moon Hotel, Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse, Rwenzori View Guesthouse, Kanyanchu River Camp, Kyaninga Lodge, Kluge’s Guest farm and many others.