When it comes to booking your Mediterranean holiday, you must be careful not to neglect some of the delightful off-shore gems that rest within its waters. Holidays to Skiathos, a small but picturesque island located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, could be one such haven. With the Greek mainland lying a short distance to the left, is it ideally located and renowned for its beautiful beaches and traditional Greek food.

In fact, if you are looking to book affordable holidays, which allow you to genuinely sample a different culture and cuisine, then holidays to Skiathos maybe your ideal destination.

Banana Beach is the most famous and revered beach in Skiathos, and boasts the most glorious views of the Mediterranean sunset during the months of summer. In addition to this, Koukounares Beach lies just a few miles along the coastline, and offers similar views as well as a diverse and exciting range of water sports. These beaches offer something to every traveller regardless of their ideal holiday itinerary, whether you long to soak up the sun and relax or enjoy a slightly more active trip.

In terms of cuisine, the villages based in the region of Koukounares are the best places to sample traditional Greek food. With eateries just 80 meters from the coastline, you can enjoy a range of classic Greek cuisine for genuinely affordable prices. With menus that offer the very finest in stuffed aubergines, lamb kleftiko, veal stifado and closed pizzas, you are sure to get a taste for Greek culture in the most relaxing and friendly of environments. With this in mind, holidays to Skiathos certainly offer something different to the experience of holidaying in mainland Greece, and offers a unique and affordable alternative to the more adventurous travellers.

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