Car Rentals That Ruled in 2017 in Kampala

As 2017 comes to an end, several cars ranked the most exceptional in Uganda’s travel market. The majority of these vehicles have time and again kept on dominating the market while the new models have also continued featuring and taking a lead. Among the few cars that featured in 2017 include the following;

Corolla spacio

This is a 5 door compact multipurpose car that was first featured in the market around 1997. It features 3 generations and the first one runs from 1997 to 2001. The second generation that by far outsold a number of other vehicles was first released around 2001 with its last production coming in 2007. The 3rd one came between 2004 and 2009 and it’s still less visible on the Ugandan market perhaps because it was built for the US and European markets. The vehicle has kept its competitiveness resale value given its economic fuel consumption and relatively high ground clearance unlike the other vehicle of the same model.

Toyota Spacio

Toyota wish

This brand has been very visible on Ugandan compared to most traditional vehicle models. It first featured around 2003 and underwent several modifications. It accommodates about 6 to 10 people and it is well equipped with either a 1.8 or 2-liter engine. It is also positioned below the Ipsum and above the Spacio in the Toyota minivan range. It features 2 generations with the first one running between 2003 and 2009 whereas the second one runs through 2009 up to date. Toyota Wish vehicle comes with a big boot that accommodates visitors’ luggage and a better when it comes to fuel consumption that runs on the 1.8cc engine. It is the best for family vacations and urban tours around Uganda.

Toyota Wish | Source:

Toyota Vitz

For many years, the Toyota Vitz has been one of the perfect and famous car options for young and corporate Ugandan travelers. It features a five-door hatchback subcompact vehicle that also features in the 3 door type, and has been in production ever since 1999 and has gone through various modifications. It comes with 3 generations with the second one being the most famous on Uganda roads. The Vitz is mostly loved for very low fuel consumption with 990cc and 1290cc.

Toyota Vitz

Toyota Rav4

This is a compact crossover that first featured in 1994. For over 15 years now the Rav4 has kept a unique familiarity among Ugandan holidays even as most travelers it doesn’t offer that comfort like other SUVs in its kind. It features a high clearance ground that makes it the best for upcountry safaris and rough roads. This model provides a cargo room, higher visibility, and the option of full-time four-wheel drive together with a relatively high level of fuel economy. This comes in 2 types, three-door and five-door options with the former providing space of 5 compared to 4. It also comes in 3 generations with the first and second being the most famous in the Ugandan market.

Volkswagen Golf

This is a compact small family hatchback which is ranked as one of the most valuable vehicles in Uganda. It was first produced around 1974 and underwent various modifications which began with the first to the recent 7th generation.

Volkswagen Golf

Besides the Mercedes Benz that is restricted to high-class travelers, Golf stands as the only German-manufactured vehicle which is famous among young corporate and new drivers. Of recent, it has been more visible on Uganda roads with the 4th generation taking up the competition with Vitz and Toyota Rav4.

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