Factors that determine the cost of renting safari vehicles in Uganda

Safari vehicles are types of vehicles customized to be used on safaris. The fact being that Uganda is one of the best safari destinations in Africa with so far 10 national parks, 13 wildlife reserves, and other interesting tourist attractions like the amazing Ugandan culture, lakes, rivers, mountains, and others. This made the safari car rental business popular in the country and also the rapid development of the tourism sector in the country led to the establishment of many car rental agencies in the country.

When it comes to the price of the safari car rentals in Uganda always depend on many things like;

1. The company

Different car rental companies in Uganda offer different rates that are why we advise that you inquire from many agencies and you compare the prices before you make the final booking. But you should not consider the lowest price as the best option always go ahead and search on how their services are by checking on the rating on different travel sites like trip adviser, booking.com, and others.

Some small car rental companies tend to offer low rates but sometimes they can offer vehicles that are not in good conditions. But this doesn’t mean that the company giving high price is the best option because you find that the company is big offering high price but when the customer service is not good for example, you can get a problem in the field with the car and they delay to send you a mechanic because they are so busy. So it’s advisable that you choose wisely and deal with the right and fully registered car rental company for better services.

2. The type of the car

The type of the car you planning to rent can also determine the price for example different safari car types have different prices for example;

  • Toyota Rav4

This is mostly used by tourists planning to visit some easy destinations and also planning to explore around town centers. This vehicle can take a maximum of 5 people but for tourism purposes, it’s recommended to take a maximum of 4 people so that each of them can have a window seat for a better view. It always goes at a price of 35 – 50$ per day.

  • Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado for Self drive Hire

This is a bit large vehicle with enough leg space and luggage space it’s a bit strong vehicle which can be used to explore the upcountry destinations where the roads are bad the vehicle can carry a maximum of 8 people but for those renting for tourism reasons, the Prado is advisable to take 4 people so that everyone has a large leg space, enough luggage space and also everyone has a window seat for the better view when you in the game drive in the national parks. These vehicles can also be customized with a pop-up roof which can also be used for game drives in National parks to give a clear view of the animals in the park. It can go at 75-100$ per day

  • Land Cruiser VX/V8

Land Cruiser VX/V8 Safari Vehicle

For those interested in comfort and luxury this is the type of vehicle you can choose. The vehicle is full time 4×4 with a strong 4.7l V8 engine it can carry a maximum of 8 people and for those going for tourism purposes, it’s recommended for 4 people so that everyone will have a window seat and still it can be customized with a pop-up roof for wildlife watching in national parks. The vehicle can be hired 100 – 100$ per day

  • Super Custom / Minivan

The minivan is recommended for those traveling in a group. This vehicle can carry up a maximum of 14 people and for those going to visit national parks for wildlife watching it’s recommended for 8 people each one will have a window seat and large leg space but with limited luggage space. Different companies in Uganda can offer them at around 75 – 90$ per day.

  • Land Cruiser Hardtop Extended safari vehicle

7 Seater Land Cruiser Safari Vehicle

This is the most common safari vehicle used in Africa, for those who would love to feel the real African wilderness and safari, this is the perfect vehicle to use because it was customized only to be used for safari purposes. The vehicle is strong enough with its strong and big 4.2l engine. With this vehicle, you will be assured to go off-road to any national park in the country without getting worried about the bad roads in the national parks.

The type of vehicle is of types there is that carrying 5 people and that one with extended chassis that carry 7 people. It’s always hired with a driver and it’s not easy to get it for self-drive. Most companies give it out at 180 – 210$ per day with the driver’s allowance.

3. The size of the vehicle you need

The price you will pay for your safari vehicle when planning a safari in Uganda will depend on the number of people you traveling with because when traveling in a group you will need a large vehicle like Land Cruiser Prado or super custom which can carry a bit large number of people. But if you traveling as a couple or going solo on a safari a small vehicle like a Toyota Rav4 can work for you better and you save some money on the rental.

Minivan for self-drive hire in Uganda

4. Number of days you planning to rent the car

In most cases hiring a car for short time like 1 day or just for hours it attracts high rates. But when you hiring for many days like a week and above, rental companies tend to offer huge discounts for those planning to hire the vehicle for many days for example when you hiring a safari vehicle for a month let’s say, Prado which is offered at 75$, you can get it at 65 – 70$ depending on the company you dealing with.

5. Season of the year

The season of the year is another factor that always determines the price of safari car rental in Uganda for example, the Uganda tourism industry has two seasons, the wet season which starts from September to November and March to May, and the dry season which starts June, July, and August. Now hiring a safari vehicle in the wet season is always cheap because there are always fewer tourists in the country the thing which leads to the drop in the prices while when you planning to hire a safari vehicle in the dry season, the prices always raises due to the high demand of the car rental services.

Planning a self-drive safari to Uganda always starts with hiring a safari vehicle, meaning you will need to contact a car rental company. Car rental services in Uganda were made easy whereby you can easily get all the information and contacts of different car rental agencies online. Below we have listed some of the best car rental agencies you choose from when planning your self-drive safari to Uganda.

4×4 Uganda Ltd
Tell: +256 773 72 81 41
Email: info@4x4uganda.com
website: www.4x4uganda.com

Self Drive Uganda
Tell: +256 774 819 223
Email: info@selfdriveuganda.com
Website: www.selfdriveuganda.com

Safari Car Rental Uganda Ltd
Tell: +256 701 72 81 41
Email: info@safaricarrentaluganda.com
Website: www.safaricarrentaluganda.com

Rental Cars Uganda Ltd
Tell: +256 774 819 223
Email: info@rentalcarsuganda.com
Website: www.rentalcarsuganda.com