Why you Need a Driver/Tour Guide on your Road Trip

Most people love the privacy of taking a self-guided/self-drive trip where you hire a car and you and explore any destination at your pace. But since you are in a foreign country for the first time there are some reasons why you should hire a vehicle with a driver/guide. You will never be sure and knowledgeable of the destination you visit than the locals, so a local guide or a driver is needed for the best road trip and safety.

Guided tours have evolved from simple strolls with locals of the destination you visited more intricate and detailed drives covering expansive areas with specialists in flora and fauna guiding your attention to things you shouldn’t miss. Guided tours can be compared to self-drive tours where you are at the freedom of a rental a vehicle for a certain period of time to explore and travel as you want on your own. While a self-drive tour may offer a lot of freedom and privacy during your safari compared to a guided safari, but you can’t be ensured answers to your questions and neither will your interest be extinguished with knowledge of the wildlife promptly.

Regular guided tours incorporate customized or preset itineraries that cover your entire safari from the day of arrival at the airport to your departure and there is also another option where you organize everything yourself and you just hire a car with a guide/driver who will guide you throughout the safari. That way, you know your safari spot and what to look out for prior to setting off. In this post, we intended to discuss the advantages of hiring a vehicle and driver/guide so that when organizing your road to trip to Uganda you choose wisely.

Since everyone takes his life as a first priority, even on a safari everyone wants to be safe and the guide who will go with you is not just with you to drive you and point at animals but also to guarantee that both you and the animals are safe. Some visitors who take self-drive tours engage conduct which is viewed as dangerous to either the animals or themselves, though accidentally. The guides can advise you on the proper behavior within the sight of the animals since they are supposed to be knowledgeable about animal behaviors.


4×4 Hire with Camping and Driver/Tour Guide

One of the main points of interest in hiring a vehicle and driver/guide is that you don’t need to carry maps, GPS, or stress over where to take the next turn. You are given a knowledgeable driver who won’t just drive you to and from your desired destinations, but additionally continue informing you about your location and even the time you remaining with to reach your destination. This leaves you with only the task of sitting back and enjoys your trip, watching animals, and drinking in the raw panorama unfolding before you.

Somewhere on a safari, you could be interested in the culture or norms of local people. For instance, numerous vacationers who come to Uganda during an even year are excited to witness the Imbalu (circumcision) ceremony held by the Bagishu. Now, in case you were on a self-drive tour your odds of communication would be slim because of issues ranging from dialect barrier to bashfulness of local people. In any case, in case you have hired a car and a guide, your guide can be of help and either translate or take you to places where your interaction with the locals would be made easier and all the more fascinating.

Trained, insightful, and knowledgeable guides
It is extremely normal for the undisciplined eye to miss the sight of animals or things that could be a part of intrigue but, for a professional guide, it is very easy to point out a leopard covered in tree branches or to track the location of hard of animals. Local guides always know the areas completely and always know where to which animal at what time. This saves you a lot of time driving around simply hoping to see animals by possibility or luckiness.