Kenya To Open Embassy In Dakar To Strengthen Links With Jamaica

If you have been finding it very challenging to connect from Kenya to Dakar or the other way around, count your dreams achieved. Kenya will now have one of its first-ever embassy at Dakar in a move to boost its trade and tourism sector.

The agreement was reached during the G7 summit in Canada and the embassy will be effective within four months’ time. To Kenya, this is the greatest achievement for it to raise the level of transaction with francophone states. Senegal has been sighted as one of the most significant entry points which will expand trade terms of the African continental free trade area (AfCFTA) and this was after the bilateral actions were reached in Kigali which offers Kenya the opportunity to expand its trade frontiers and boost people to people relations. Over 120 French firms have already invested in Kenya and this number has doubled in the previous 3 years.

In order to solidify the link further, President Kenyatta is yet to pay a visit to Dakar. And interestingly, several key areas of cooperation were shared during the discussion that led into an agreement and this included exploring quick wins like codeshare for airlines with Kenya Airways which is about to kick start its direct flights from Nairobi to New York around October.

In order for one to link up to Kingston, Jamaica a person will need three hours from New York. Among other key aspects shared include the exchange of athletics coaches a fact that Jamaican athletes are leading when it comes to short races and Kenya is good for long-distance running. To enhance trade between the two states, Kenya will export its tea and coffee to Jamaica and in return import peanuts. Other areas include culture and entertainment as a way to boost the tourism sector between the two states.