Top 5 Tips for First Time Traveler to Africa

Are planning a safari to Africa? In this article am going to share my best tips you need to know when planning an African safari. First of all, I can’t forget my first day in Africa on a safari, immediately when I reached the airport in Jomo Kenyata International Airport, I found when the tour guide is already waiting for me and immediately we transferred to Nairobi National Park which was my first destination on the itinerary.

From that safari, I was inspired to visit more about the African destinations, from that I have visited most of the countries in east and southern Africa and right now I have enough experience and knowledge about Africa and even self-drive safari in Africa.

1. No Yelling

It’s very clear that going on African safari means visiting animals in their natural habitat, and another thing these animals are not domesticated, and still am sure you aware that you not in the zoo where animals are in the cage. This means you should control your excitement after spotting your favorite animal. This idea of waving arms, and yelling to get the animal’s attention something we can’t recommend ever. At least have it in mind that you are just a visitor in the animal territories so you should act accordingly.

Most of the animals you will visit in national parks are extremely dangerous and it doesn’t matter whether you in a safari vehicle, an elephant, or a rhino when it decides to charge it can smash the vehicle however big it is. In fact, elephants are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet and also a member of the Africa Big 5 animals.

2. The dressing part

It’s not just for fun that they recommend safari-goers to put on a specific type of clothes, but those khaki and green clothes really serve a very important role. These clothes are always made in a comfortable material, their colors blend with the surrounding environment. It doesn’t mean that since they said you have to blend with nature that you have to wear full-blown leopard print or get monocle. But it means at least you wearing clothes which are appropriate to the environment so that the animals can’t spot any odd colors.

There is also those with a belief that since you going to be in a safari vehicle, that you can put on any kind of clothes you want, that is nonsense because you not going to be doing all the tour activities in the car, there is a time when you have to go on a bushwalk when you don’t want to attract the attention of animals by putting on bright color clothes.

3. Time management

If you’re ever been to Africa, right now there are some things that should not piss you off like the way Africans manage their time. There are some words you should familiar with like “Now”, “Just Now”, and “Now Now”. In most cases when someone in Africa tells you Now, sometimes it means something from 5minute to a full day, just Now sometimes means the next hour or two hours and Now Now actually means Now – that particular moment. This means there is no hurry in Africa. But it doesn’t mean that all people you will deal with when you in Africa have poor time management but most of them have that habit in them.

So when you put that in mind, it’s better to not stress yourself with time and put the technology aside and enjoy Africa.

4. Get a good camera

Although on a safari in Africa you get a chance to get close to the African animals than ever before. But it’s better at least to carry a good camera to capture some moment on a camera for remembrance and evidence to show back at home how you really enjoyed on the safari.

It doesn’t mean that you buy these expensive cameras which cost as much as a car. However, you can get one of the reasonable prices for a safari that can take good photos.

5. Wake up early

Waking up every early in the morning is something you learn when you on a safari in Africa, this is because animals are most active in the morning and evening hours and in the mid-day, in most cases, it’s too hot for them to move. This is the best reason why also safari activities like game drives, primates tracking are also done in the morning and evening.