Why Ecotourism Has Become Very Popular?

Are you an eco-tourist? Have you ever wondered why ecotourism is ever on increase? Ecotourism was originally introduced in the 1990s and it was embraced by most travelers on safari in Africa. It has howev¬er developed and today, there are several kinds of ecotourism sites in Uganda that visitors pay a visit while on an African safari. It is estimated that ecotourism will contribute to over 25 percent of revenue in the world by 2020.

Like any sector, the tourism industry equally comes with both positive and negative effects and they shouldn’t be left out. Negatively, it impacts much on the spectacular landscape, wildlife, environmental pollution, and depletion of natural resources. However, several ways can be applied to promote sustainable tourism and reduce its effects. It entirely attracts visitors to nature endowed areas and bridges gaps between visitors and locals.

Ecotourism is aimed at enhancing income levels of locals in specific safari destinations and also develop the visitor sport with the support of locals. Local residents are employed in most tourism organizations as local guides and they earn income for survival by directing visitors to areas of significant interest. And Bwindi National Park in southwestern Uganda and Volcanoes National Park in northwestern Rwanda serves as the best example of ecotourism sites and several locals work in these parks in various fields.

Ecotourism is significant in the fact that it helps in enhancing the images of tourism and identify criteria to aid visitors to have a positive effect on local communities. It makes the use of the benefits to local communities, reduces negative social or environmental impacts, and hence aids locals to preserve the fragile cultures and habitats. With ecotourism, visitors are rewarded with authentic experiences.

However, there is a need to give back to the local communities a fact that a few locals benefit or even don’t benefit from tourism as you may think. It is true tourists come but at times they come and leave an impact on their environment. Interestingly, we are a committed travel company that allows you to come to close interactions with local residents which later will enhance their livelihoods. However, there is a need to conserve the environment compared to the previous days a fact that tourism leaves a huge impact behind. If you are planning to have your next vacation in Uganda or any African destination, be mindful of environmental effects and book your safari with a Tour Company that minds about conserving natural resources.

While on safari to any ecotourism site, be prepared to enjoy remarkable experiences right from wildlife to cultural activities. We are a responsible tour company in Uganda but we can arrange safaris to even Rwanda for mountain gorilla trekking adventures. Ecotourism is challenging to describe a fact that it isn’t a one kind safari but rather any kind of tourism which focuses on visiting untapped areas while offering you the opportunity to explore more and aid conservation of natural resources. Interestingly, most visitors even book accommodation facilities mostly eco-friendly resorts and while reserving a trip with us, we shall help book for you a better eco-lodge for your stay over at the park.

In conclusion, to promote ecotourism in Uganda and any destination, there is a need for all stakeholders including visitors to be mindful of daily activities that can cause a negative impact. Meaning, we shouldn’t over depend on only benefiting clients alone. Ecotourism attracts mainly those visitors who love eco-related sites to experience the untouched natural resources.