Wind chill of 55 degrees closes the spring season

RIO - Spring was left yesterday getting the hottest season of the year with a tribute to the time: the thermometer marked 39.1 degrees (maximum in Marambaia, in the West Zone, 16h), the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) leading to fill the Rio beaches and parks. But the wind chill reached 55 degrees in Guaratiba, according to the prefecture Operations Center. The summer, which started at 21h 03m (GMT) yesterday, should be rainy in January in Rio. But the rains become less frequent in February and March, worrying news in a water-scarce times.

- In January, the expected state is above normal rainfall, relative to climatological average (from 1970 to 2000). Summer 2013/2014 was marked by low rainfall, an atypical situation, which should not occur this summer - says Meteorologist Climatempo Institute Aline Tochio. - However, in February and March we will have less rainfall than the average of recent years.

This means that probably will be impossible to reverse the drought situation in the reservoirs that supply Rio, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais.

The most refractory to sun rays, summer reservation at least some good news: the temperatures in Rio should not exceed the contents of the climatological average (1970-2000), also according to the Climatempo. Heat peaks with temperatures above 40 degrees, will be less frequent than in summer 2013/2014.

- Despite January book more significant rains, summer rest will have less rainfall rates. In February, the estimate is between 100mm and 200mm, about 50mm below normal. People must understand that we need to keep saving water because the rains are not enough to change the scarcity of staff - warns Aline.


The São Paulo Evandro Magalhães, the Somar Meteorologia, recognizes that the rains are slow to fall, indicating more difficulties in “Summer of the water crisis“:

-Esperávamos Slightly more rainfall in December. But the models indicate that the water will fall even New Year’s Eve and especially in January. However, to fill the reservoirs would have to rain very above average, which will not happen.

A strong cold front advancing from the south of the country reaches the Southeast today and brings rain showers, especially in São Paulo, in the early hours. The expectation is that the clouds dissipate on Thursday.

Inclement heat yesterday took thousands of tourists to the edge. In Arpoador, swimmers complained of a concentrated black tongue at Station Seven. According to them, the problem has lasted more than a week. The Orla Rio concessionaire, which operates the lifeguard stations, said it was investigating the cause of the leak.

Tourists from all over the country were the liveliest, from Leme to Pontal.

- Get the Copacabana Palace in the background - asked the Paraiba Jessica Sources her husband, who was a couple selfie next to the statue of journalist Ibrahim Sued, next to the hotel.

- I do not remember him, I know he’s a journalist it is written there. It must have been important. It is not anyone who has a statue in Copacabana - reasoned secretary in Rio two days ago to spend the holidays year-end with the family, who lives in Bangor.

While many took the opportunity to practice outdoor sports, most tourists looking for shade and iced coconut water. The scare came time to pay the bill.

- Six real is very expensive, thought it was cheaper. There Salvador is just £ 2 - complained the Bahian Marcia Tourinho.

French graffiti artist
Among the foreigners, some people would rather enjoy the stay in Rio while on their safari in Brazil to make his mark through art. It was the case of the French graffiti artist Benoit Pyrat, which gave color to a wall of an empty lot in Urca. Married to a Brazilian, he came for the second time to the Marvelous City:

- I always said that Brazil was one of the best places in the world to graffiti. People do not bother with the graphite, even like. I indicated to come here because it’s quiet. I did not know it was so beautiful. I think it’s the most beautiful place I have ever grafitei.

The class that usually skating also made the party. The fourth edition of Roller River, a large skates ride inspired by the Paris-Roll European event brought together some 1,500 people yesterday morning, in Flamengo. The circuit had starting at 9 am, at the Monument to Pracinhas, and followed him to Botafogo. Professional and amateur skaters of Rio, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Manaus and Salvador, as well as foreigners, attended the meeting, which took a journey of about eight miles to Botafogo. For more information about Brazil safaris, visit