Kenya is all Africa in one country. Savannah plains, rift valleys, moss-green rain forests, huge mountains and a sublime animal richness. With a white coastline and colored coral reefs on the Indian Ocean. The natural wonders of Kenya do not forgive the traditional Swahili tribes for nothing. Kenya has it all.

Be surprised by the pure beauty of Kenya. Stroll through the rugged volcanic landscape of Hell’s Gate National Park to spot leopards and lions. Or discover hidden waterfalls and roaring Brazza monkeys in the rainforest of the Kakamega Forest Reserve. The most beautiful sights of Kenya can be found here.

The most beautiful sights of Kenya
The largest natural file in the world is shown once a year in the Masai Mara National Park. Than thousands and thousands of wildebeests, zebras, gazelles and wildebeest thunder across the dusty savannah plains. The spectacle is best seen from hot air balloon.

Exchange your safaris in Kenya with a visit to her beautiful culture. Take a trip to the Lamu archipelago. Lamu is the center of Swahili culture, a mixture of African and Arab influences. Time has really stood still here.

Kenya’s wonderful nature
Like Masai Mara, the Amboseli National Park is on the southern border. Hordes of elephants migrate through this nature park, where you have a good view of the giant mountain Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. The highest mountain in Kenya is Mount Kenya. In the afternoon her snowy mountain peak is about 5000 meters high in the clouds.

Also special are the rivers covered with crocodiles in the Meru National Park. But for crocodiles you do not have to visit a nature park. The largest crocodile population in the world lives in the 7000 square kilometers of Lake Turkana. The lake is also a cultural gathering point for many tribes.

Cultural villages and cities in Kenya
If you want to visit the civilized world again, go to Malindi and Mombasa. In these cities you will find a mixture of Swahili, European and Indian influences. Or visit Nairobi, the lively capital of Kenya. In the vicinity of the metropolis are many nature parks, with which Nairobi deserves the nickname ‘safari capital of the world’.