Guide To Lukwika-Lumesule Game Reserve

Just 100 kilometers south of Masai Town bordered with River Ruvuma lies the spectacular Lukwika-Lumesule Game reserve, and is a small and secluded Protected Area sprawled within the Makonde Plateau of Tanzania, in Nanyumbu District in Mtwara regions and is particularly within the hinterlands south-west and west of Maasai land.

This Game Reserve covers an area of 440 square kilometers and was named after the rivers Lukwika and Lumesule that demarcate the eastern and western boundaries respectively but River Ruvuma lies to the south of the Reserve. The site is also separated from Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve by River Ruvuma and numerous wild animals normally wade across the border. It is around 100 kilometers south of Masasi Town bordered by River Ruvuma.

Flora and Fauna within Lukwika-Lumesule Game Reserve

Lukwika-Lumesule Game Reserve is characterized by permanent watercourses that meander through the pristine and undisturbed savannah woodland landscape scattered with rocky outcrops. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot herds of elephants, Hippos, elands and crocodiles much as there are higher chances of seeing even none during your trip to the Game Reserve.

Apart from the challenge of getting around the Game Reserve that tourists mostly face, it is often difficult to spot the wildlife through the dense vegetation in addition to the challenge of tsetse flies that usually affect the animals.  However, there are no clear tracks within the Game Reserve but are they are overgrown bush paths.

This Game Reserve is officially off-limits during the months of July to December because it’s the hunting season and most tourists avoid travelling during the rainy season due to the heavy rains that make the site inaccessible but the perfect time to explore its beauty is the month of June with tourists thronging it.

Accommodation Facilities within Lukwika-Lumesule Game reserve

With no accommodation facilities within this Game Reserve, tourists interested in exploring the destination can opt for camping but are required to bring their own tenting equipment including personal tents, poles, blankets and drinking water much as bathing water is always provided.

How to Get to Lukwika-Lumesule Game reserve

This destination is approximately 100 kilometers south of Masai Town bordered by River Ruvuma.

The main entrance into Lukwika-Lumesule Game reserve is around 2.5 kilometers south-west of Mpombe village on the north-eastern border of this Game Reserve and accessed through Nangomba village, at about 40 kilometers west of Masasi. Because there are no frequent public transport means much as you may be lucky to get a lift with a vehicle of the Reserve warden, you will need to use a 4WD Vehicle because transport means are scarce.