How to avoid Car rental agencies charging you for damage you didn’t cause

I wanted to tell you that there have been a couple of articles in the press and TV with regards to some car rental agencies:
Inflating the price of repairs in case you damage the rented car
Finding scratches or other damage on cars that clients don’t think they have caused.

I would prefer not to remark on these stories, and there are ongoing investigations which I will impart to you once there has been a result, however I wanted to draw them out to you in light of the fact that most of you will rent a car on your vacation, and I don’t want your vacation to be spoilt by unpleasant experience.

There is a survey we are con ducting about car rental companies and we will publish all the client reviews on the website shortly however, I think any reasonable person would agree that many of our clients who left reviews had amazing experience yet the few pessimistic ones had similar remarks to the media articles published.

The advice is:
Some time back we published the list of advice when renting a self drive vehicle so will not do this again, rather there is one main advice I would love to share with you.

The counsel is:
Take photos of your vehicle at pick up and drop off, particularly if there is nobody to process your drop off. What’s more, whilst doing so ensure:

In case the car is parked in the dark part of the garage, move it to the light before taking photos.

Also around the vehicle, take photos of the rooftop, inside of the car, doors and in the boot, and the undercarriage (if possible).

To avoid charged for scuff marks that were already on the car, take photos of the wheels also.

When returning the car make sure that any scratches which was already on the car are the one who are there and it’s better that you first put it through a car wash before to return to the company and still take photos of have to look at the time of returning it.

Please do remember, that being charged for scratches you didn’t make can often, simply be a mistake by the car rental agency who may have missed a scratch when the past hirer dropped off their vehicle, so by taking photographs you will enable these agencies to ensure they are treating you fairly.

Am hoping to hire a vehicle when I take my family on vacation this year, and I would prefer not to worry over being charged an excess unless I am certain I have damaged the vehicle. Vacations should to be an opportunity to unwind with your family, and I feel that by following the above advice, you can be sure that if you are charged an excess when you return the vehicle, you will be able to prove through your photographic evidence that it was for damage you caused.