The Bahai Temple in Kampala

Exploring The Baha’i Temple

For city tour lovers, the Baha’i Temple is remarkably Uganda’s best faith tourism site that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on Kampala city tour. This temple is found within 8.5 hectares on Kikaya Hill just in the outskirts of city center. This temple is incredible on its own way. The Bahaullah denotes “Glory of God.” The believers in Bahaullah are considered as Baha’is. This is one of the Uganda’s most exceptional areas of worship.

The Baha’i temple was established in 1951 and this makes it the first Baha’i community in East Africa. The Baha’i temple features members that represent almost all tribes and this alone makes it unique and hence the excellent site for Uganda safaris. It features both temple and library that straddles on a 22 acre land and comes with the most beautiful trees, flowering plants, bushes and beautiful tendered to lawns. This is entirely one of the most spectacular and pristine green sites in Kampala that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on African safari.

The Baha’i temple comes with 8 continental houses of worship that have been built across the world and Uganda features a mother temple in Africa and hence an experiential site for one to a visit while Uganda safari. The church can be reached by public and you can also have prayers together with other worshipers in the temple while safari in Uganda. As you are at the temple, readings can be done from any scripture. The unique bit of it is that singing isn’t accepted in this remarkable house of worship. Each member enters and mediates on his or her faith; ask for forgiveness and many things he needs in his or her life. It welcomes all other religions and they love promoting peace among people. It doesn’t criticize any other religion that makes them rare from others. This site is undoubtedly the best stopover for visitors on Kampala city tours in Uganda.

The Baha’i temple comes in a round domed format with the most exceptional architecture. The structure stands at 39 meters high and more than 100 meters in diameter at the base with the dome comprised of lace like tiles, rises over 124 feet high and is 13 meters in diameter.


However, it also rewards visitors with amazing bird sighting. For bird enthusiasts, you will carefully spot; Scarlet chested sunbird, Fork tailed drongo, Red cheeked cordon bleu, White browed robin chat, Red billed fire finch and African green pigeon, Grey parrot, Blue spotted wood dove, Double toothed barbet, Speckled mouse bird, Palm nut vulture, Black and white casqued hornbill, Eastern grey plantain eater, Lizard buzzard, the Pied crow, Hadada ibis, Great blue Turaco, Stripped kingfisher, Woodland kingfisher, Ring necked dove, Red eyed dove, Laughing dove, the Common bulbul, Black kite, Rupell’s long tailed starling, Bronze sunbird, Bronze sunbird, Marico sunbird and others.

The principles of Bahai temple

  • Full equality between the sexes
  • The elimination of all kinds of prejudice
  • Recognition of the essential oneness of the world’s great religions
  • Harmony of science and religion
  • Eradicating extreme poverty and create wealth
  • Universal education
  • Establishment of a world federal system based on collective security and the oneness of humanity
  • A sustainable balance between nature and technology

In conclusion, for unforgettable city tours in Kampala, consider the Baha’i temple a must to visit for life changing faith tourism experiences and incredible bird sightings.