Holidays to Kos – Traveling to the Island of Kos

If you are planning your holiday and are keen on a trip to the Mediterranean, you may well have considered visiting the Greek island of Kos. Located in the south Sporades group of the Dodecanese, it is a short 4 kilometres journey from the coast of Turkey and the historically renowned ancient region of Caria.

It is a destination famed for its combination of visually stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, and offers something for everyone regardless of their priorities on holiday. Within touching distance of several Mediterranean landmarks and cultural places of interest, it should even appeal to those of you with a more nostalgic itinerary.

The best known resort on the island of Kos is Kardamena, which spreads its sun kissed wings across a large stretch of the eastern coastline. Less than an hour’s drive from the main region of Kos Town, the beach is blessed with clear waters and golden sands, and boasts a picturesque and quiet environment either side of a busy central hub.  This area is still home to the original village square and winding harbour, which offers excellent dining experiences and the opportunity for good quality fishing. If you are looking for a relaxing collection of bars and eateries as part of your cheap holiday, then Kardamena is a must see resort.

For those who wish to base themselves closer to the central Kos Town, the resort of Tingaki offers a practical and affordable alternative. Just 15 minutes from the islands main town, it boasts a relaxing stretch of sandy beach and an assortment of laid back bars and beachside tavernas, and even has an excellent range of water sports for those of you who desire a more action packed holiday. For younger holiday makers or those who enjoy a bustling nightlife, the resort of Tingaki also gives you the opportunity to secure a cheap holiday while remaining close to the numerous bars and bright lights of Kos Town.