Tenerife – The Island of Astonishing Landscapes and Mountains

Culture and History of Tenerife

Tenerife is a volcanic island, created by continuous eruptions from a series of volcanoes on the floor of the Atlantic Sea.  It finally emerged as an island around 8 million years ago, and since then, life has developed.  What was once ash and lava is now home to one of Britain’s favourite destinations, with thousands of us booking our holidays in Tenerife to the isle every year.

santa-cruz-de-tenerifeThe island, which is one of the Canaries, was originally believed to be one of the uppermost mountain tops of the mysterious city of Atlantis, home to the God Poseidon.  These days, local culture focuses more on its religious festivals, and carnivals are a popular form of celebration.  The second biggest Mardi Gras in the world is held in the capital city of Santa Cruz every February, but with a considerable number of Saints connected with the island, these celebrations occur frequently throughout the year.

Take one glance at the Tenerife weather forecast and it’s easy to understand why the island is such a huge attraction.  With average temperatures that rarely drop below 20 degrees centigrade, its sandy beaches and unusual landscape make Tenerife an enticing location for a break.  It’s also the reason why the winter months are so busy with tourists looking to escape the typical British winter and soak up some foreign sun.
Entertainment in Tenerife

No trip to Tenerife would be complete without a visit to the Black Pyramids; beneath these stone structures archaeologists discovered a cave containing animal remains, as well as a fascinating indication of early human life.   But for more modern and up to date things to do in Tenerife, head for Aqualand Tenerife or Siam Park for a fun-filled family day out that is great for cooling you down on a hot Spanish day.Plaza-25-de-Julio

For travellers who are looking for a holiday destination with plenty to do after hours, then Tenerife nightlife is far from disappointing.   Join the sophisticated crowd at Casino Taoro (where men are obliged to wear a jacket), or dance the night away in the ultra trendy disco, Coco Loco.

Transport in Tenerife

Thanks to its close proximity to the UK, flights to Tenerife are not hard to come by and aren’t limited to just the major operators, with budget airlines making cheap holidays in Tenerife even more affordable.  A typical return flight from London to Tenerife in February could cost you less than a £80 return per person, and in the summer, your cost for the same flight could be as little as £120 return.  The search form at the bottom of this page is great to help you hunt for the perfect flight.

Flying to Tenerife from London can take around 4 hours, and once you’ve landed, the local transportation network is easy to navigate.   There is a fantastic public bus network, and the local rail service has frequent stops in every major town and city.

Accommodation in Tenerife

In Tenerife, Playa de las Americas is a favourite tourist spot, but thanks to the thriving tourist trade, the choice of holiday accommodation is immense.  La Siesta Hotel Tenerife oozes four star charm, and with spa facilities on offer and friendly staff to cater for your every whim, it’s no surprise that they’re a popular hotel with Brits.

For a place to stay that’s a little less exorbitant, the Vulcan Hotel Tenerife is perfectly placed to provide the best golf, shopping, nightlife and beaches that the island has to offer.   They also provide you with a free airport transfer and free Wi-Fi connectivity, so whatever your needs, at least your ‘connections’ will never be an issue.

Holiday Facilities in Tenerife

Tenerife has it all from water sports to skydiving, and holiday maker can expect to find all types of facilities and activities on this little island in the Atlantic.

Families can enjoy the experience of the Loro Park, a sanctuary for parrots and other colourful tropical birds.  The children will love the chance to help feed the creatures, and parents will have plenty of photo opportunities of their kids having fun.

Leaving from Playa de Las Americas, couples can indulge in a romantic evening spent whale watching from a luxury catamaran.  These tours leave at various times, but get one in the early evening, and you’ll be back on shore in time for a relaxed evening meal in one of the terraced restaurants overlooking the sea.

Older couples can enjoy a variety of relaxing and informative excursions, including a trip to the geological sites of the Guimar Pyramids.  Excursions are bookable direct from your hotel, so they’re a great way to see the island without the hassle of arranging transportation.