Welcome to Ukraine is a tourism portal, presents the Ukrainian tourism market.

We created the only complete touristic web site in Ukraine, in order to give to the potential user any touristic information that he wants and to promote tourism offers. It presents the Ukrainian Tourism Market.

It addresses alike to the wide public interested in touristic information or in spending their vacations and their week-ends in a pleasant way, as well as to the over 150.000 workers from the Ukrainian tourism domain : hotel companies, travel agencies, transportation agencies, professional associations, caterers and purveyors of touristic services.

Any firm that aspires after a certain status, from the business figure point of view it presents the activity, services and products that it wants to sell on the Internet too. If a firm it is not found on the Internet too – it doesn’t exist..

We invite you to appeal to this way of promoting and selling your offers and to take advantage of the benefits gave by the Internet, at extremely convincible prices.

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