Azo-Sivash National Park

Azov-Sivash National Natural Park was made to safeguard greenery, fauna and remarkable nature of the Northern Azov area of Ukraine, to use them with scientific, nature-assurance, financial and recreation targets.

The domain of the National Park is 52,100 ha: 8,469 ha of area and 43,685 ha of sea-going domain. The park is located in Genichesk and Novotroizk district of Herson region. The Western part of the Park taking the Islands of Churyuk Island, Kuyuk-Tuk Island and Martynyachy Island is located at Lake Sivash and the Eastern part Byryuchy Island in the South-Western part of the Azov Sea.

Azov-Sivash National Natural Park is divided into three functional zones; that is to say reserve zone is for the most valuable natural species protection and renewal, economic zone is for implementation of the Natural Park tasks and the recreation zone is for short-term tourists’ rest.

There are several species of fish in the Park waters: sturgeon, beluga or white sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, and grey mullet, flat fish and pike-perch. Isle Biryuchiy is additionally a part of Azov-Sivash National Park. Its fauna is acted for by the rarest creatures, for example: red deer, decrepit deer, moufflon, Turkmen deer.

There are also a number of birds in the park including; ducks, goose and swans winter on the isle. Numerous cranes, bustards, some species of eagles and different birds live on Biryuchiy also.

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