Roosevelt Island Cat Sanctuary

The cats of Roosevelt Island might be considered stalking through the underbrush of the deserted smallpox hospital, situated in the community gardens and prowling through the holes in construction fencing all through the island.

For eras their vicinity has been tolerated, and sometimes encouraged with nourishment and water being left now and again, yet since 2005, a little group has been committed to the errand of assisting and finding homes for the cats deserted on island by persons obscure.

Motivated by the demise of a favorite local feline by the name of Yin Lang in 2004, the group called Island Cats shaped to trap and neuter strays, and makes an adoption system. They work a small sanctuary on the southern end of the island. The felines are presently the main ones permitted into the remnants of the Renwick Smallpox Hospital, yet that may all change with the arranged opening of the still-to-be fortified structure sometime to come.

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