Holidays to Rhodes

Holidays to Rhodes can be anything you wish them to be – lazing on glorious beaches, visiting ancient places  or enjoying the fantastic night life.

Rhodes has been an established and favoured holiday destination for UK travellers for decades, and is an island that boasts a contemporary tourist experience based on the most ancient of histories. Just 20 kilometres southwest of Turkey, it is located in the Aegean Sea and also the largest of the Dodecanese islands. With vast, sweeping greenery and a population of more than 115,000 citizens, it has a unique combination of scenic beauty and bustling intensity, making something of a modern metropolis and an emblem for contemporary Greece.Holidays to Rhodes

Contemporary Rhodes is the ideal holiday destination for today’s traveller, as it offers a range of colours, shapes and sights unrivalled in other Mediterranean resorts. Despite this, it still provides visitors with a tantalising glimpse into the islands history, with the scaling walls of Medieval Town and the majestic yatch harbour of Mandraki. With the additional buildings of the Archbishops Palace and the beautiful Italian architecture of Government House, these historical landmarks are must see venues on the island of Rhodes.

For those with an eye for aesthetic beauty, Rhodes is best approached from the sea, as Medieval City soars above the coastline. Beneath this glorious example of 16th century architecture, Rhodes’s stunning beaches stretch across the coastline. Kalathos is probably the most renowned beach in Rhodes, as it offers a relaxing haven of deck chairs, sun beds and even a quiet and reasonably priced bar. This spot is ideal for the family or those individuals who are looking for a more relaxing affordable holiday.

For those who are fans of culture and modern architecture, then Elefterias Square is an ideal spot to visit. Featuring modern apartment blocks and eateries, it is also home to the islands Theatre, City Hall and regional courts. This fusion of old and new cultures typifies the island of Rhodes, and distinguishes it as one the most popular destination for UK holiday makers.