Puerto Iguazu Tourism in Argentina

Puerto Iguazu is located in the province of Misiones, northeastern Argentina, and is part of the region known as the Triple Border Area which encompasses the city of Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay).

puerto-iguazu-casinoThe Iguazu Falls are famous about 23 km, making it the center of all tourism in the region. The area is famous for tourism and consists mainly of hotels, restaurants, open-air markets and typical foods that with its alfajores, wines, preserves and sweet form the portrait of this friendly city.

Its main avenue called Brazil is full of good options for clothing purchases, food and beverage, as well as the Duty Free with numerous products of the most famous brands. The favorable exchange rate to our Real dollar makes it even more appealing experience, with prices to meet every visitor’s pocket, and let you want to return.

Another major attraction of the city are its casinos with good music, fun and games, and also many pubs, restaurants and nightclubs that complete and quench the night of any tourist with great joy and satisfaction.


The city is full of other good reasons tourist composed by Marco Three Borders, the craft fair which is located in the La Aripuca complex, the Jungle Images Museum, the Museum Mbororé, Luis Honorio Rolón Natural Park and the rescue center wildlife, Güira-Oga.

It is considered the smallest of the three cities that make up the triple border, but most of the falls are on the Argentine side, and this abundance can be given in a must visit.

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