Brazil Safaris & Beach Holidays – Amazon Forest, Pantanal Swamp and Rio De Janeiro

Brazil officially known as Federative Republic of Brazil is the biggest country in both South America and the Latin American region. It is bordered Atlantic Ocean on the east, the country has a coastline of 7,491km and also it borders all the south American countries except Ecuador and Chile. Brazil is the world’s fifth biggest country, both by geographical area and by population. It is the biggest Portuguese-speaking nation in the world, and the only one in the Americas. The country also occupies 47.3% of the South American continent.

Tourism in Brazil
Tourism is a developing and the main sector to the economy of different regions in Brazil. The country received over 5.7 million travelers in 2012, ranking in terms of global traveler arrivals as the first fundamental tourist destination in South America, and second in Latin America after Mexico. The country collected over US$6.6 billion revenues from international tourists in 2012, continuing a recovery trend from the 2008-2009 economic crisis.

Brazil offers for both local and global tourists a variety of options, with natural and beautiful area being it’s most famous tourism product, a variety of ecotourism with leisure and recreation, fundamentally sun and beach, and adventure tours, and also historic and cultural tourism. Among the most well known tourist destinations in the country are the Amazon Rainforest, lovely beaches and dunes in the Northeast Region of the country, the Pantanal in the Center west Region, beaches at Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, cultural and historic tourism in Minas Gerais and business excursions to São Paulo city.

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