Cradle of amazing ancient civilizations such as the Purépecha Empire, which have greatly enriched Mexico, Michoacán is one of the most extensive, interesting and beautiful states that ultimately must give chance to visit. Proofs of this are his five World Heritage sites Eight Magical Towns and of course the natural phenomenon of the Monarch butterflies migrates every year from Canada to winter in Michoacan lands.

michoacanExperience the special Day of the Dead that permeates Janitzio, where Lake Patzcuaro is filled with candlelight and the streets are filled with people walking towards the cemetery covered offerings and flowers. The whole island is wrapped in a mystical, spiritual and full of pre-Hispanic customs environment.

The Purépecha people that is still present in these lands, jealously guards its ancient traditions such as their funny regional dances, their extraordinary crafts that are made throughout the state and of course the exquisite cuisine as carnitas, corundas and sweet milk.

The story is presented in every corner of the state, either in its beautiful colonial architecture in Morelia, in his interesting archeological sites such as Tzintzuntzan, or through cultural, artistic and humanistic legacy that the Basque Tata left in his struggle to overcome the people michocacano.

Enjoy nature in places like Cupatitzio Canyon National Park in Uruapan and be surprised with the ruins of the village of San Juan de Paricutín, which was buried by lava early forties.

In short a trip to Michoacán is a visit to the depths of a land full of traditions and life that every step you will conquer.

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