Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Expedition

It was last year when I had from my friend in France that he was from Rwanda for her holiday but as well with the mountain gorillas in the mist, then I started planning a gorilla trek in Rwanda and after planning all my logistics I packed all necessary for this experience in the volcanoes rain forest and went on my own in January 2015. But still I want to go back soon for this unforgettable experience in life!

When I started planning this gorilla trek to Rwanda, I contacted African Jungle Adventures limited, after seeing travelers’ recommendations about this company, excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, as well as seeing their show case website with interesting package sand I had to choose one that showed the gorillas in Volcanoes and then for my second tracking in Bwindi the impenetrable forest and after I compared the experience of the forest and this is unforgettable. They sorted everything for me, though I doubt it would be difficult to arrange things yourself and perhaps only use them to arrange your permit (sort it in advance – numbers are strictly limited so no point waiting and missing out).

Even though they only arranged for me the gorilla permits and the safari car rental and guide (Baker) is well informed about these primates and the 2 countries and I enjoyed my safari with Gorilla expeditions limited, more so I recommended my friends to Gorilla expeditions for the full package safari and Steve offered a very affordable luxury quotation and comfortable safari car and also they requested for Baker to be their guide and by time they left Rwanda and Uganda they were filled with unforgettable experience.

By everything I mean, literally the entire itinerary and included permits, accommodation and Baker who drove me everywhere

You can also ask your guide / driver to indicate your group preference when you register at the park HQ on the day of your gorilla trek. For instance I have an old knee injury, so needed to ask to be put in one of the groups with ‘easier’ routes, rather than being put in the Susa group just because I look young and fit. They did take this into account, and I went to see the Agashya group and the other 7 people I was with were a bit older than me (you could spot the Susa group – all young fit looking types), but most of them seemed to cope better than me.

If you go with African Jungle Adventures Limited for your whole trip, Steve (Tour consultant) will schedule a visit to the genocide memorial in Kigali. Definitely don’t miss this, but I wouldn’t recommend having it as the last thing you do before you leave Rwanda, it’s not the best way to end a trip.

When you go on the gorilla trek in Rwanda, you are advised always to hire a porter for only US$10 – $15 and a walking stick. Even if you think you do not need a porter – or really don’t need one – it’s a valuable source of employment for local people, and a direct contribution to the conservation of the gorillas and their habitat in a way that, the local community is sensitized about the importance of gorilla tourism around area. You are not doing anybody a favour by turning them down. And my porter helped pull me up what felt like impossibly steep slippery ‘trails’ up that mountainside to get me to the mountain gorillas, and back down again. I really don’t know how I ever would have made it without them helping me.

While at Volcanoes National Park Rwanda with enough time, never miss out tracking the rare golden monkeys , i did it the day after the trekking gorillas, and was not looking forward to it that much after the gorillas as I thought it was going to be a bit of an anti-climax. I loved it almost more than the gorillas. It’s a completely different experience, because there’s no distance restriction, you can get as close as you like, you don’t have to back off if they come closer to you, you can use flash photography so it’s easier to get good photos. And they’re so beautiful and fascinating to watch and as you trek the golden monkey expect to spot more primates and birds.

Other tourist activities one can do on addition to mountain gorilla tracking include mountain climbing (Bisoke and Karisimbi), hike to Dian Fossey Tombs, Iby”Iwacu cultural village tour, Musanze caves exploration or community walk among others. Click here for more information about visiting the mountain gorillas other tour attraction in Rwanda.