Safety Tips For A Campfire on Uganda Tour

Is camping your dream experience in Uganda and you do not know some of the best ways to ensure safety while on campfire? When you think about camping, a campfire doesn’t miss out! Campfires feature as a staple for camping safaris, roasting marshmallows, sharing interesting and exciting tales which at the end reward campers with memorable experiences. Uganda is one of the best African destination for bush camping experience. For instance, a camping tour to Murchison Falls National Park rewards you with the best bush camping experience in country! Whereas campfires are largely considered for their ability to establish a bond between you and those who sit around it with you, they equally can turn to be disastrous if not handles well that is why you need to consider safety rules to help you enjoy the safest camping safari in Uganda.

If you are planning to go for campfire, make sure that you use only the set rings or pits to establish your fire. The pits should be on gravel or dirt and not in the grass otherwise grass can easily catch fire and this will make your trip not interesting as you expected. The good thing with camping in the national parks is that, there are usually campfire pits that are already dug and they are just waiting for you.

Make sure that the intended area to be used is cleared and doesn’t have any dry leaves and sticks and ensure that automobiles, campers, tents and other items are well positioned at a distance away from the fire.

Take note of the weather pattern. Note that even what you may consider small amount of wind can blow the burning debris or sparks onto the flammable surface or even to you.

Make sure that you stack extra wood upwind and away from the fire. This will safeguard them from catching fire.

Begin setting your fire with small sticks and twigs till you come to big pieces of wood. As you place the big pieces of wood on fire, ensure that they are pointed inwards and use another piece of wood to relocate them to their position. And after setting the fire, never throw the match till it has died off totally or cooled to avoid it catching the grass afterwards.

Avoid using flammable liquid for setting fire especially gasoline, lighter fluid, diesel fuel and any disastrous liquids so as to minimize accidents and injuries while you are enjoying your camping safaris.

Ensure that your campfire is kept in small size and contained at least 2 by 2 feet or 5 feet with metal ring.

Do not permit children and pets to come and play or even stand around the fire, as you leave make sure that you don’t leave the fire unattended otherwise it will cause damage afterwards.

Ensure that you have bucket of water and fire extinguisher around you just in case of any emergencies and considerably, teach your children on how to stop, drop and roll in case of fire out break.

When putting off the fire, ensure that you have absolutely drown the fire with water. Most people tend to forget that coals that are not cooled or extinguished can remain hot and capable of causing burns afterwards. In order to put them down totally, never bury them underground that they can be kept hot but rather pour water and stir the ashes and embers till it is clear that they have all been cooled.

In conclusion, camping safaris are exciting and interesting but they can turn to be disastrous if visitors fail to follow the set safety precautions. With the above listed safety tips, we believe that they will be of great value to you and you won’t be disappointed while enjoying the warmth of your campfire and as you interact with nature in Uganda.