Eating Out in Kampala

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, and has many points where one can get food, both local and international dishes. Such eating points are every where and for different classes / levels. In other words, they offer different services and different costs. They target both domestic and International market. Domestic market comprises of local couples, honeymooners, families hanging out as well as Kampala business travellers. International market mainly comprises of tourists especially self drive travelers and back packers with tight budget who end up booking a budget Uganda safari with accommodation in “Bed and Break fast hotels” with hope of eating out / getting good food in such points around Kampala. Below are some of the popular eating points around Kampala city.

Piato Restaurant
Located in the heart of Kampala, Piato Offers a wide range of continental dishes with cuisines from Italy, Africa, India and a Grill section, bar and conference facilities with a 300 seater capacity. Local and international food lovers alike flock to this gem, often after a month-long wait to get a table – and what an exceptional meal awaits them. It’s no surprise that Piato restaurant is a world-class Dining Experience with one of the best authentically prepared foods in Kampala.
The Piato restaurant is serious, fun. Piato food is free to roam in whichever direction. If there is no immediate smile as we create a new dish then we are on the wrong track. Piato want guests to be surprised and delighted, to wonder what ingredients they have used and how they made it. It should be an adventure!
As with Piato food menus, wine menu has been created with the principle of ensuring quality, uniqueness, variety and balance. Wines showcase world’s diverse range of high quality wines, older and special vintages and a handful of favorite international wines and champagnes. Paired together, Piato hope to provide memorable flavors for guests, an exceptional food and wine experience

Nandos Restaurant
Situated on Jinja road next to Uganda house, Nandos produce driven menu that is all about allowing individual ingredients to shine, and giving diners a fine time. It’s not wacky or concept-driven – it’s delicious food taken to a new level. Add to that excellent tableside service and beautifully plated dishes presented with a flourish, and it becomes a spectacular experience.
Nandos makes fantastic use of the restaurant’s terrace and space to bring you abundant Uganda’s flavors to the table. Nandos offers a refined and interesting selection, with the wine list delivered by world’s top wine manufacturers and distributors. It’s hard to find any fault here: the service is extremely well polished – slick and sophisticated without being stiff. It’s all things warm and gracious. Exclusive, luxurious and very sophisticated are the words best used to describe the flagship restaurant of this beautiful and grand establishment.


Nandos Kampala

Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant
So much of what Fang Fang does defies description, but one thing is certain: she’s pushing the envelope in showcasing unique Chinese flavors’. This is culinary storytelling at its best. The Chinese surprise menu is a playful, innovative feast of visual surprises. Strong techniques and flavors’ back up dramatic, striking presentation. Although there’s much more competition these days, Fang Fang remains Kampala’s best Chinese restaurant. The interior is lovely, typical of an up market Chinese restaurant anywhere, and there’s a large, quiet outdoor terrace to enjoy a full selection of Chinese classics. Specialties include fried crispy prawns with ginger and garlic. There’s also a more laid-back garden restaurant at its hotel.

Fang Fang restaurants’ Confident, informed and friendly staff are eager to explain the intricacies of each dish. Step into an understated, uncomplicated dining room. The comfortable and uncluttered style creates the perfect backdrop to better appreciate the bold, interesting dishes. Try out Sweet and sour chicken. Almond Chicken, the veggie special and actually there isn’t anything except maybe octopus and millet, that I don’t like. The ice cream is tasty too.

Mamba Point
Mamba point menu captivates with outstanding flavors, textures and techniques. For the best in Italian dining, make for Mamba Point, where the pasta is home-made and the menu as close to the homeland as you might hope to find in Africa. Sensitively sourced ingredients are prepared with complete confidence, and the end result is food that is unpretentious but delicious and beautiful to behold. Save space for the exquisite desserts, which include lime syllabub and chocolate truffle torte? Welcoming, top-notch service with a smile and Staffs are well informed about the menu and possible wine pairings. You can’t help but feel immediately at ease, stepping into this unpretentious restaurant– It’s a simple, welcoming space with a sunny patio that’s ideal for sunny and a bright, cozy interior perfect for chilly lunches.